"Israel Seed Partners was the first investor in Shopping.com. They responded to us quickly and demonstrated a good understanding of the business. Since their first investment of $1M, the company raised more than $100M, ISP was highly involved in recruiting all subsequent investors.

To date, our ISP representative is our most active board member and is helpful in financial and strategic issues. We are using ISP's recruitment services extensively; one of their notable recent contributions is recruiting a general manager for the Israel operations."

Nahum Sharfman, Founder, Shopping.com (Acquired by eBay - NASDAQ: EBAY)

"Besides providing funding Israel Seed is a great business partner. They provide objective assessments of the industry direction to help us sort through and establish business priorities, and through their own extensive contacts have opened doors for us with potential customers and partners."

Gil Cohen, CEO & Founder, Xtellus

"Atomica chose Israel Seed as an investor because of the partners' smarts, connections and hustle. Our company's been fortunate to attract significant capital from other well-known institutional and angel investors, but Israel Seed, pound-for-pound, has been one of our most involved and helpful investors. The partners' energy and common sense provide special added value to an entrepreneur, especially at the early stages."

Robert Rosenschein, Founder, Chairman
and Chief Executive Officer, Answers.com

"Israel Seed has a 100% focus on working with its entrepreneurs and companies in an active supportive role helping them transition from Israeli start-ups to international successes; I am enjoying working with Israel Seed for a second time."

Zvi Schreiber, CEO & Founder, Unicorn (Acquired by IBM)

"Israel Seed Partners was the first seed investor in Business Layers back in 1999. I am proud that they have supported the company every since - including stepping up in subsequent rounds of financing, creating business development opportunities, assisting the company with recruiting top-level management, and providing overall strategic guidance.

ISP has added value to Business Layers through its on going support, close relationships with the company's CEO and management team, and its understanding of the market.

We are pleased to have ISP as one of the leading investors in our company."

Izhar Shay, President & CEO, Business Layers (Acquired by Computer Associates - NYSE: CA)

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