"Anyone can provide money. The unique value of working together with Israel Seed, however, is that you get a true business partnership as well. The experience of working together with the partners at Israel Seed has been one of the best professional relationships I have had in over 20 years in business.

Yes, they give sound advice and input, which I greatly value. More importantly, though, these are folks who are more than willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in the ongoing trench warfare that characterizes the building of any business from start-up to flourishing enterprise. Very few investment professionals I have met have this approach and the corresponding desire to do whatever it takes to help the business succeed. From my perspective, the partners and staff at Israel Seed are an entrepreneur's best friend."

Dan Ciporin, CEO, Shopping.com (Acquired by eBay - NASDAQ: EBAY)

"Israel Seed has been our closest partner from the inception of Cyota to date. Their people were instrumental in Cyota's efforts to penetrate and lead the North American card market.

Israel Seed Partners are a dynamo of positive energy constantly seeking to advance our business, create new connections for us and providing us with sound advice and guidance. We view them as an integral part of Cyota's team. Most importantly, they are a true partner and continue to support us both morally and financially every step of the way."

Naftali Bennett, President & CEO, Cyota (Acquired by RSA Security - NASDAQ: RSAS)

"The Israel Seed team provided tremendous support and business direction from day one. I brainstormed dozens of ideas with the team - treating each concept as a "new" investment requiring detailed due diligence. I felt like part of the investment team; I gained tangible insights into market trends, financial and legal strategies, and received tremendous encouragement to charge ahead full-steam with Qlusters.

Michael Eisenberg's constant support and guidance is worth its weight in gold. The year I spent as an ISP EIR helped me with the logistics to move forward quickly and smoothly with Qlusters, and be selling within 6 months. ISP is more than a hands-on VC, they are partners on the road to success."

Ofer Shoshan, CEO, Qlusters


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