September 20, 2006
MobileAccess Reduces Barriers to Wide-Scale Enterprise WLAN Deployments with Enhancements to the MA-850 WLAN Module
New Pricing Programs to Help Resellers Tap Burgeoning Market

Vienna, Va. –– September 20, 2006 –– MobileAccess Networks, an enterprise wireless innovator, today announced feature enhancements to the MA-850 Wireless LAN (WLAN) module, a key component of the company’s Universal Wireless Network, a solution that supports a broad range of wireless services, applications and devices on a single, flexible network infrastructure. MobileAccess also announced new pricing programs for the company’s WLAN certified partners. By packaging the MA-850 with other WLAN products and services, resellers can now offer their customers a comprehensive wireless solution that not only satisfies their growing demand for wide-scale WLAN deployments, but also accommodates their needs for other wireless services, such as cellular, paging and two-way radio.

In enterprise environments, WLAN systems are often deployed in a fragmented fashion yielding inconsistent wireless connectivity to the corporate network and Internet. While this ad hoc coverage may be adequate for sporadic wireless access, more strategic WLAN initiatives such as those for Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) and location-based applications, need ubiquitous WLAN coverage to be truly useful. The MA-850 is the perfect mechanism for delivering this sort of “wall-to-wall” WLAN coverage. It dovetails WLAN services into a broader Universal Wireless Network deployment, which provides facility-wide reach and amortizes the cost of the WLAN infrastructure across all of the enterprise’s wireless services and applications.

“Most large enterprises recognize that their wireless application requirements go beyond just WLAN; they need facility-wide coverage for multiple wireless services and the future will bring even more,” said Jeff Kunst, vice president of Marketing for MobileAccess. “The MA-850 provides an elegant solution for these organizations by making it simple and straight forward to deploy WLAN alongside other wireless services on one Universal Wireless Network. Our recent deployment of the MA-850 at Hearst Tower in New York City, which complements the capabilities of their Cisco Unified WLAN solution, is the latest example of MobileAccess’ rich legacy of helping enterprises consider the bigger wireless picture and evaluate cross-functional wireless needs.”

Some of the MA-850 enhancements include:
  • Enhanced Software: The MA-850 is now optimized for advanced WLAN features and applications, including Real Time Location Services (RTLS) and Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN). In addition, added security levels provide more granular access control and reporting capabilities.
  • Improved Multi-Service Isolation: This release of the MA-850 features enhanced filtering and signal handling, further increasing the isolation between service bands and ensuring reliable signal coverage for WLAN and any other combinations of wireless services. In particular, this MA-850 release offers enhanced support for 802.11b/g and 802.11a when operating in Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) environments.
  • Additional 802.11a Regulatory Approvals: MobileAccess has obtained additional 802.11a regulatory approvals for the MA-850, enabling increased capacity on the network and integration with Access Points (APs) from leading technology vendors.

“MobileAccess’ innovative approach to WLAN enables us to meet the demand for a unified network that simplifies the power control, channel assignment and general management of the overall network,” said Daryl Boffman, president and CEO of Acela Technologies, a leading MobileAccess reseller. “We expect the new MA-850 to serve as a catalyst to increased sales of WLAN networks that also support cellular, public safety, building automation and telemetry, among many others services.”


The new MA-850 WLAN module is available immediately from MobileAccess and its channel partners. For more information, contact MobileAccess at (866) 436-9266 or fill out a request form online at

About MobileAccess Networks

MobileAccess Networks is an enterprise wireless innovator that provides a universal platform for connecting the people and applications that drive business. The MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network is the key to widespread wireless connectivity in hospitals, office buildings, public venues and other large-scale facilities. The company's intelligent, in-building infrastructure delivers business-quality performance, scalability, security and signal reliability to more than 1000 customers, including Fortune 1000 companies such as Lehman Brothers and Hearst Corporation, leading healthcare facilities such as Northwestern Memorial and Clarian Health, as well as many public sector customers such as Aladdin Resort and Casino, ALLTEL Stadium, American University, and the Oakland International Airport. For more information, visit

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