August 28, 2006
SeaMobile Selects MobileAccess Networks for Universal Wireless Communications at Sea
Enables Travelers to Use Wireless Voice and Data Services on Cruise Ships

Vienna, Va.––August 28, 2006––MobileAccess Networks, an enterprise wireless innovator, announced today the completion of a master purchase agreement with SeaMobile, a leading global provider of advanced at-sea wireless voice, data, and Internet communications services. The MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network, which supports a wide array of wireless services, applications and devices on a single network infrastructure, will serve as an integral part of the SeaMobile at-sea wireless solution.

SeaMobile’s proprietary technology is a sophisticated IP/software-based solution that works with any type of wireless phone (GSM, GPRS or CDMA) used by the customer when accessing the SeaMobile network at sea. This allows virtually anyone aboard any vessel at sea to use voice and data services available through their wireless home carrier just as they would on land. Worldwide roaming agreements established by SeaMobile provide transparent connectivity for wireless services and billing is provided by the home carrier. The MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network, which supports any mix of wireless signals, helps ensure reliable and ubiquitous wireless voice and data coverage throughout a ship. With MobileAccess, cruise ships can support an entire portfolio of current and future wireless services and applications on a single, adaptable infrastructure. This approach eliminates the cost and disruption associated with deploying a separate system to support each additional wireless signal. Together, MobileAccess and SeaMobile are delivering a seamless wireless environment at sea that replicates that found on land.

"The cruising industry is growing rapidly and cruise lines now recognize that wireless connectivity is an increasingly important factor for travelers who want to stay in touch while at sea," said Jim Ellis, SeaMobile chief technology officer. "With MobileAccess as a key partner in providing our unique solution, we are able to ensure a convenient and seamless wireless experience for cruise line guests and crew."

"Cruise lines represent a new vertical market for MobileAccess and we are pleased to join forces with the leader in delivering communications solutions at sea," said Cathy Zatloukal, president and CEO of MobileAccess. "SeaMobile’s comprehensive approach to delivering wireless connectivity on cruise ships fits perfectly with the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network, which ensures reliable coverage for any mix of wireless signals on a common infrastructure. Together, we are able to offer cruise lines a best-of-breed solution that enables them to meet the wireless requirements of today’s well-connected travelers and cost-effectively scale to support the wireless technologies of tomorrow."

About MobileAccess Networks
MobileAccess Networks ( is an enterprise wireless innovator that provides a universal platform for connecting the people and applications that drive business. The company’s intelligent infrastructure is the cornerstone for the rapidly evolving wireless workplace. With unmatched technology and expertise, MobileAccess takes the risk out of going wireless. The MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network, which has been deployed in more than 1,000 hospitals, enterprises, public venues and other large-scale facilities, delivers business-quality performance, scalability, security and reliability. It also enables customers to leverage their wireless devices (cell phones, BlackBerry devices, PDAs, laptops, 2-way radios) and applications wherever necessary to conduct their business more efficiently and cost effectively.

About SeaMobile
SeaMobile Enterprises is the dominant global service provider of at-sea communications, connectivity and content services. Our global VSAT satellite communications network is delivered by the industry leader, Maritime Telecommunications Network, a SeaMobile company. Combined with our superior technology and customer support, we provide always-on connectivity to deliver a vast array of services for businesses, government entities and consumers. Services include mobile phone service, wireless service for PDAs and laptops, access to printed versions of more than 200 hometown daily newspapers, live television, access to bank accounts through ATMs, Internet cafes and much more. SeaMobile Enterprises offers solutions for cruise lines, ferries, yachts, container ships, offshore platforms and the government and military. The company has offices in Seattle, WA, Miramar, FL, London, England, and Paris, France. For more information, visit and

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