BEVYZ Global Brief:
A fully owned subsidiary of MDS Global Holding Ltd., offers an innovative approach to providing quality beverages conveniently in the Out-of-Home environment. The compact BEVYZ system addresses both the water dispenser and the single-portion dispenser markets, two of the fastest-growing segments of the beverage industry.

While other systems are equipped to provide either water or single capsule hot drinks (not both), the BEVYZ system is the only single-serve capsule system on the market today offering the most extensive range of hot, cold, and sparkling beverages, including water (filtered from the mains or from its own reservoir; or from a cooler bottle), coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit juices, energy and soft drinks. Beverages are served from a compact and easy to operate dispenser. Due to BEVYZ's flexible system design, new capsules with innovative and branded beverages can easily be introduced to adapt to latest trends and consumer demands. BEVYZ's unique, patent pending single-serve capsule technology, with barcoding, allows an infinite variety of beverages to be prepared quickly, one after the other, with no residue or taste carry-over between servings.

The Company has developed a strong network of production and distribution alliances that will enable BEVYZ to leverage the expertise of its partners and enable BEVYZ to continue to focus on business development and marketing. BEVYZ has already signed a number of guaranteed-quantity distribution agreements in key European markets.

The objective of BEVYZ is to become the global leader in the development and provision of multi-drink systems that dispense traditional and innovative beverages in the most convenient, cost-effective and flexible manner.

Israel Seed Partners is the sole institutional investor.

Edouard Sterngold, Founder and CEO, was previously International Director of Soda-Club Enterprises, the leading producer of in-home carbonation beverage systems in the world. Sterngold has extensive global business experience and multi-language capabilities, and studied law at Bar Ilan University (Israel).

Eva Schwarz, co-Founder and Director of Beverages, was previously exclusive European distributor of New West Products, Inc. (acquired by Illinois Tool Works Inc.). Schwarz has extensive global business experience and multi-language capabilities, and holds an engineering and architecture degree from Bygge Teknisk Hojskole (Denmark).

Kevin Mifsud, CFO, is a certified public accountant bringing with him 20 years of financial and accounting experience.

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BEVYZ Global Ltd
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