Mempile Brief:
Mempile has developed a removable optiocal storage disk with one terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) capacity, two magnitudes greater than other optical disks.Mempile’s technology is applied to both the desk and to the disk drives. Information can be securely burned onto Mempile’s disks, which have a substantially longer lifespan than current disks. Mempile was founded in 2000 by Ortal Alpert.

Israel Seed Partners has invested in Mempile together with Jerusalem Venture Partners, Motorola Ventures, Portview Communicaitons Partners, Alta Berkeley Venture Partners and others.

Avi Hupert - CEO

Mempile Israel Ltd.
Kiryat Hatikshoret
Neve Ilan
DN Haarey Yehuda 90850
Tel. +972 2 5702015
Fax: +0972 2 5702016


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