Top Spin Brief:
TopSpin Medical has developed a unique and novel technology for local high-resolution MR imaging using a miniature hand-held probe incorporating all magnetic field sources and eliminating the need for external magnets and a bulky and expensive MRI scanner.

This breakthrough technology extends the unique tissue-characterization capabilities of MRI to a whole new range of clinical applications in medicine, such as detection and staging of cancer in the prostate and colon, as well as intravascular imaging. The primary application for TopSpin's platform technology is the detection of coronary vulnerable plaque - the underlying cause for sudden death and heart attacks.

Using TopSpin's MRI catheter during cardiac catheterization will enable the interventional cardiologist to guide therapy to vulnerable plaques and to potentially reduce cardiac event rates - the world's leading cause of death.

Israel Seed Partners was joined by Pitango, Giza, Platinum Neurone Ventures and Johnson & Johnson.

Erez Golan, CEO & President, Founder.

Eyal Kolka, CFO & Senior V.P. of Business Development.

Mike Berman, Chairman of the Board of Directors

2 Yodfat St.,
Tel: +972 8 9200033
Fax: +972 8 9281233


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