Lynx Brief:
Lynx Photonic Networks is one of the leading photonic communications sub-systems companies with patented switching and light management technology.

Lynx's photonic switches are offered both as highly integrated subsystems - the Photon.PCSS (i.e. Photonic Communication Subsystem) and as stand-alone fully managed switching boxes (LightLEADER). The primary applications of these products are in adding new functionality to existing infrastructure and equipment protection platforms. All their products deliver dynamically controlled photonic switching functionality such as power management, multicastising and VOA, together with rich development and/or management platforms.
Established in 1998, Lynx Photonic Networks Inc. is built around a world-class team of physicists, design engineers, network system specialists, and sales team, based in Los Angeles, with a wholly owned R&D facility in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their manufacturing partners include four of the world's largest global component and contract engineering firms.
Lynx's LightLEADER is a family of "plug 'n play" stand-alone optical switching systems, which enhance the functionality of existing networks by cost-effective add-ons. Through remote network management, these systems can be used in remarkably versatile applications, which include: 1:N all optical tributary protection, reconfigurability for static OADMs, remotely managed patch panels, optical fiber protection, shared in-line monitoring, and others.
The LightLEADER is sold to carriers and enterprises, and the Photon.PSCC is offered to system vendors, the likes of Nortel, Lucent, Alcatel, Ciena, Siemens, Tellabs, etc.

Israel Seed Partners participated in the seed financing. In further rounds, Lynx is backed by leading venture capital firms and strategic partners including ADC Ventures, BATM, Goldman Sachs, HarbourVest Partners, Infineon Ventures, Israel Seed Partners, JDS Uniphase, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Saints Ventures, TeleSoft Partners, Walden International Investment Group US, Walden Israel Ventures.

Daniel Tal, CEO, Founder and Chairman of the Board: Daniel Tal leads Lynx with an exceptional blend of strategic business and technology management skills. From its founding in 1998, Tal has guided Lynx through three successful rounds of funding (over $60M to date). He has also been instrumental in product development while assembling a team of over 65 world-class employees. Prior to founding Lynx, Tal spent 20 years in high-level positions representing the State of Israel, including IDF service (an elite unit of the Prime Minister's Office) and culminating in managing the U.S. Operations of the Bi-National Research & Development Fund (BIRD). This $110 million endowment, provided equally by the U.S. and Israeli governments, has invested in over 550 U.S.-Israeli joint ventures. Tal played an instrumental role in the initiation of over 150 joint ventures between Israeli and American technology companies, producing sales of over $2 billion.

Beni Kopelovitz, President, CTO and Board Member: Beni Kopelovitz provides Lynx with outstanding technical skills in driving the company Research and Development vision. Kopelovitz previously headed R&D at ECI Telecom Network System SBU where he marshaled growth from 10 to over 270 people. His technology accomplishments include a series of significant networking and optical industry firsts.


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