Answers Corporation Brief:
Answers Corporation delivers focused, authoritative information without the time consuming searching web pages full of thousands of links. Its a complete, virtual collection of hundreds of reference works and live data feeds.

Israel Seed Partners participated in the first institutional round of financing. Further rounds of investment include leading financial institutions including Highland Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Partners, Flatiron Partners, Chase Capital Partners, Dawntreader Ventures, Time Warner Investments, Goldman Sachs, and Garage Technology Ventures.

Robert Rosenschein, CEO, Founder and Chairman: Prior to Answers Corporation, Rosenschein founded Accent Software in 1988, and served as president and CEO for 10 years. He consulted to Microsoft Corporation, where he spearheaded the design and development of bi-directional (Hebrew and Arabic) Windows. In 1997, he received the Israeli Prime Minister's Award for Software Achievement.


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