Here at Israel Seed Partners, we focus on doing one thing right: helping to build early stage companies into large, prominent industry players.

Along with strong technology, the greatest assets businesses have are talented people. That's why we invest all of our efforts behind serious and experienced entrepreneurs who transform concepts into profitable businesses. We are actively looking for a handful of outstanding entrepreneurs to fund the development of their business concepts. At Israel Seed Partners, we are particularly effective in working with teams of a few founders with a vision - we work hand-in-hand to try and help these teams transform smart business plans into powerful companies.

In structuring our deals, we are concerned first and foremost with what is best for the founders of the startup. We generally serve as the lead investor for our portfolio companies, and we typically invest alongside a leading VC with whom we have a shared investment strategy and philosophy. Our initial investment can be as small as $250,000, or as large as $9 million. We expect to invest between $10 to $20 million over the lifetime of a company, yielding a significant interest in the company at the time of an IPO or M&A exit.

We look at entrepreneurs as partners for the long term and we support them over the life and success of the company. As a result, we will continue to add significant value in follow-on financings. In later stage rounds, we have a successful track record of raising money from leading venture capitalists, institutional investors, and strategic corporate investors.

Team Building
At Israel Seed Partners, we provide our portfolio companies with the right mix of strategic guidance, management expertise, and hands-on leadership for building successful and influential companies. We are hands-on investors, and often interact with our portfolio companies multiple times per day. As active investors - we help to build world class management teams on their way to success.

Israel Seed Partners is the first Israeli VC to employ an in-house team of three Human Resource professionals to directly serve our portfolio companies. Following an investment, our team, led by GP Sigal Widman, helps to recruit the necessary management for the company. Ranging from skilled technical people, to a European VP of Sales, to an American Board member, we are committed to building the right team to help make the companies succeed.

We see ourselves as an integral part of our portfolio company's teams. Our general partners serve on the company's board of directors and provide strategic guidance, help secure the right business partners and leading customers, define organizational structure and appropriate compensation plans, help raise additional financial resources, and recruit top outside advisors and board members. We share a passion with our portfolio companies for technology and the commitment to building a sustainable business that will ultimately have a positive impact on our world.

Business Development
In today's changing market, the right global strategy is a crucial component to a successful startup. At Israel Seed Partners, we invest in leading Israeli technology teams with dynamic entrepreneurs, and within the first year of development, our investment team helps direct the company in the development of their global business strategy.

Leveraging our American and European backgrounds, we have a proven track record of helping young Israeli startups launch successful overseas operations. For nearly a decade, we have developed a broad international network of respected investors, and we have the trusted relationships that allow us to introduce portfolio companies to them. Whether a company is looking for additional financing from VCs or strategic investors, or seeking top-level introductions for prospective corporate accounts, Israel Seed Partners can deliver the right relationship. Furthermore, our ISP portfolio companies meet throughout the year in our sponsored portfolio networking conferences; our diverse portfolio offers a creative venue for companies to develop synergies and successful partnerships.

As part of the Israel Seed portfolio, we have found that our "brand" support for our companies is extremely useful to give young Israeli technology startups a sense of credibility in the international markets. Our reputation for excellence sends an important signal to the market - customers, employees, strategic business partners - that a company is well financed and "here to stay."

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