Corporate Profile
Israel Seed Partners takes a hands-on approach to supporting and nurturing seed-stage investments. Our investments are complimented by solid teamwork and a passionate commitment to building world-class companies.

Founded in 1995, Israel Seed Partners has raised four funds, totaling close to $300 million, which focus on Israeli information technology and life sciences companies. Our investments are typically in seed and very early stage funding with a commitment to work with our companies on their next stages of funding.

Investment Strategy
Our strategy is based on channeling the talent and ideas of entrepreneurs and transforming them into cutting edge technologies and successful companies. We believe that with the right guidance, insight and involvement our investment is more than financial. It is this deep dedication and close teamwork that makes our approach to investments unique.

The professional resources we provide focus on the key operational and management support start ups need to get going. Whether it's human resources recruitment, legal counsel or financial planning, our professionals work hand-in-hand with companies to assure delivery of desired and timely advice and involvement.

A Fund. A Family.
ISP partners are entrepreneurs. We started like a start up and continue to operate in that mode. We move fast, are agile and are completely independent. This means that we can make decisions and deals quickly. We do not have an investment committee. It's just the team of partners. We get in a room and make our decisions.

When we say we are a team, we mean it. It is actually more like a family. All of ISP's partners bring their experience, network of contacts and expertise to each of our portfolio companies. Moreover, as a family we all work together and help one another and leverage our extended family to the hilt.

Our investors are also a resource to our entrepreneurs. Our network of contacts serves our portfolio companies, and we leverage our buying power as a fund to get the most for our companies. We at Israel Seed are with our entrepreneurs for the long haul and see the results of our successes as being rooted in the nurturing and backing we provide every step of the way.

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